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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the maps like in phasmophobia?

Medium maps The early access version of Phasmophobia features only one medium-sized map. More maps should be added in the future. Brownstone High School: long, dark corridors, terrifying and devastated classrooms, untidy bathrooms and abandoned teacher rooms - all of this awaits players who are brave enough to enter the Brownstone High School.

How many rooms are in phasmophobia?

The school consists of two floors and a total number of 67 main rooms to explore. The early access version of Phasmophobia features only one large map. More large maps should be added in the future.

What is the hardest level in phasmophobia?

Players who reach the Professional difficulty experience Phasmophobia at its hardest level. Which maps help offset how punishing these hunts are? Phasmophobia players can access the professional difficulty after they reach level 15. This is the highest difficulty in the game, and it comes with a number of features.

Is the prison the most intricately designed map in phasmophobia?

While the Prison doesn’t boast as many rooms as the other large maps in Phasmophobia, it certainly is one of the most intricately designed ones.

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