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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Californication mean?

What exactly does Californication mean? What does “Californication” mean. “Californication” refers to the process of taking the bad aspects of California (e.g. the drugs and sex culture, the overbuilding and overpriced housing) by Californians moving to other, nearby states (Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, etc.)

What is Californication definition?

Californication. Californication is a portmanteau of the words California and fornication, appearing in Time on May 6, 1966 and written about on August 21, 1972, additionally seen on bumper stickers in the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Oklahoma. It was a term popular in the 1970s and referring primarily to the "haphazard, mindless development [of land] that has already gobbled up most of Southern California", which some attributed to an influx of ...

What is Californication about?

Urban Dictionary: Californication. Californication. The process by which the American television and film industry, for the most part based in California, spreads their own highly sexualized, consumer driven, version of American culture that heavily emphasizes sex, violence, celebrity, and youth as both virtues to be extolled and goals to be achieved.

What does the song Californication mean?

Californication is a biting social criticism of the culture of excess we have. But the song isn't just about how things are in California. In itself, the descriptions in the song hold California up as a symbol itself for wider problems and issues we have. I found an interview from MTV, and Flea pretty much tells you what it’s about.

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