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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mDNS used for?

Multicast DNS (mDNS) is a protocol aimed at helping with name resolution in smaller networks. In doing so, it takes a different approach than the well-known DNS. Instead of querying a name server, all participants in the network are directly addressed.

What are the benefits of mDNS?

mDNS supports both host name records (A and AAAA) record types and SRV records as in standard DNS. Because of this mDNS can be used for locating hosts and services on a local network. The service record structure can appear confusing at first glance for any one new to DNS service records.

How do you disable mDNS?

To completely lock down mDNS, disable the inbound “mDNS (UDP-In)” rules in Windows Defender Firewall for all profiles (Public, Private, and Domain). This will prevent all inbound mDNS traffic from being processed and effectively disable mDNS.

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