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Frequently Asked Questions

How is MDF compared to plywood?

While MDF is made primarily of hardwood and softwood fibres, plywood is made of very thin layers of wood obtained from logs. It is generally cheaper than plywood. It weighs more than plywood, which can be an issue when working with it. Plywood is stronger than MDF and doesn’t sag, split, expand, contract or warp.

Is MDF stronger than plywood?

This makes it easy to work with when creating projects that require nailing or screwing into place since the material won’t split and absorb nails like plywood will. MDF is stronger than plywood in most situations so if you are planning on hanging shelves or building walls, using MDF would be a better option.

Is plywood more expensive than MDF?

Plywood is more expensive than MDF. It is difficult to create smooth cuts and edges with plywood when compared to MDF. Though plywood is more water resistant than MDF, it is still porous and susceptible to damage when exposed to water over time. Most plywood emits urea-formaldehyde, just as MDF does.

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