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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MCD stand for?

MCD stands for McDonalds (restaurant) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Business, finance, etc.

What does MCD mean in medical dictionary?

MCD: Mild Cognitive Decline (medical measurement) MCD: Mobile Computing Device: MCD: Massimo Comun Divisore (Italian mathematical term) MCD: Motor Carrier Division (Michigan State Police) MCD: More Core Division (clothing) MCD: Medical Care Development, Inc. (Augusta, ME) MCD: Munitions Control Division (US BIS) MCD: macular corneal dystrophy: MCD

What does MCD's stand for?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. An MSDS is a document that contains information related to a potentially hazardous material that is found in a given workplace. MSDS is sometimes referred to simply as SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or PSDS (Product Safety Data Sheet).

What does MCD stand for on led's?

Millicandelas ( mcd ) Beam Angle (θ) Degrees Output. Luminous Flux (Φ v) Lumens (lm) Overview. Luminous flux (in lumens) is a measure of the total amount of light an LED puts out, while luminous intensity (in candelas) is a measure of how bright the beam in a particular direction is. This calculator gives the luminous flux emitted by an LED ...

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