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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best area to stay in Mauritius?

The best places to stay on Mauritius: Maradiva Villas Resort and Spa. The Maradiva is located on the West Coast of Mauritius and is a resort dedicated to classic style and luxury. Ranked five stars, it offers guests private villas on stretches of amazing beaches that overlook a stunning bay – as well as an award winning holistic spa,...

Where is Mauritius Island located?

A beach on the Mauritius Island. Mauritius (Moris in Creole), formerly the Isle of France and Île Maurice in French, is the main island of the nation of Mauritius. It is located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascarene Islands, between Réunion to the west and Rodrigues to the east.

What is Mauritius most famous for?

Mauritius is perhaps best known for its wonderful white beaches and the island boasts over 150 km of beaches around its shoreline. Leading away from the beaches, the fertile, gently sloping land is widely planted with sugar cane and forested areas including ebony and eucalyptus trees.

What is the main religion in Mauritius?

Mauritian - Religion and Expressive Culture. Religious Beliefs. The religions of Mauritius are Hinduism (52 percent), Roman Catholicism (31 percent), Islam (16 percent) and Buddhism (1 percent). Within Hinduism there are many variants, which correspond to variants found in India itself.

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