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Frequently Asked Questions

What are matchmatchington mansion levels?

Matchington Mansion levels are populated with all kinds of special elements that need to be removed from the board in order for players to win the challenge. You’ll encounter many types of such objects including:

How to get more stars and coins in matchington mansion?

So if you’re not a daily player you can easily use Matchington Mansion Cheats for getting more Stars and Coins. No doubt, you being best in the beginning of the game, but after reaching the pro level, you need to gain the experience. Therefore, this is become complicated for the gamers to stay on the apex after reaching the top level of the game.

What do Rainbow and Firecracker do in matchington mansion?

Swapping the Rainbow piece with a pillow helps clear out all the pillows associated with the pillow color you swapped places with. Matching up a Rainbow with a Firecracker is the most rewarding move you can ever make in Matchington Mansion, so take advantage of it when the opportunity arrises!

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