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Frequently Asked Questions

What is matchmatchington mansion?

Matchington Mansion is a cool new match-three puzzle game created by Firecraft Studios. The game resembles the popular Homescapes a lot, but it has a lot more than just home décor up its sleeves. The mechanics are simple.

How to get more stars and coins in matchington mansion?

So if you’re not a daily player you can easily use Matchington Mansion Cheats for getting more Stars and Coins. No doubt, you being best in the beginning of the game, but after reaching the pro level, you need to gain the experience. Therefore, this is become complicated for the gamers to stay on the apex after reaching the top level of the game.

How do you get Rainbow in matchington mansion?

Rainbow – It is the fourth power-up in the Matchington Mansion game, and will be added to your inventory as you match five identical pillows. During the game, you have to swap the Rainbow with a specific pillow to remove all pillows of the same color available on the field.

How does Homescapes compare to matchington mansion?

Both Homescapes and Matchington Mansion have high quality level design, but their play styles feel very different. Take a look at the following example: For comparison’s sake, I took two consecutive Homescapes levels with very different level design.

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