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Frequently Asked Questions

What is matchmatchington mansion?

Matchington Mansion is a puzzle game that is helpful during long waits. It is also a great game to play when you just want to lounge in your PC chair and have fun with no pressure.

Why is Alex caught up in matchington mansions?

Alex relates to the caller immediately: he too is caught up in a mobile game ( Matchington Mansions) because of a similarly duplicitous advertisement. The game both players thought they were signing up for was a problem-solving puzzle game about choosing the right tool to stop an out-of-control leak or some other domestic catastrophe.

How does Homescapes compare to matchington mansion?

Both Homescapes and Matchington Mansion have high quality level design, but their play styles feel very different. Take a look at the following example: For comparison’s sake, I took two consecutive Homescapes levels with very different level design.

When to use a cat theme in matchington mansion?

When in doubt, use a cat-theme! In Matchington Mansion, players are given the option to be teleported to entirely new areas (away from the mansion). From private islands with pristine beaches in summer to cozy cottages in winter.

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