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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Matakana village bookshop?

The Matakana Village Bookshop is a boutique bookstore with an eclectic range of books, gorgeous cards, stylish glasses, wrapping paper, and blackboard quotes to make you smile! If you are an avid reader, need a gift or just a holiday read, we can guarantee a serendipitous find among the shelves.

What makes Matakana village so special?

There’s something about Matakana Village… Perhaps it’s the fresh country air, the artisanal food and award-winning wine, or the stylish boutiques and galleries you simply won’t find in the city.

Where to buy MVB Quill in Matakana?

2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana Right in the heart of Matakana Village, adjacent to the famous Farmers Market, and directly under the cinemas. Home Best Sellers Shop MVB Quill

Is ringawera Baker opening in Matakana village?

Matakana Village welcomed another artisan producer into the fold, with the opening of Ringawera Baker earlier this year. You may have noticed some changes on the corner of Matakana Valley Road…

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