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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Maroon 5 accomplishments?

Maroon 5--and, specifically, its frontman Adam Levine--became the face of blue-eyed soul in the 21st Century, managing to navigate shifting trends in music and fashion to be one of the biggest pop bands of their generation.The band took the long way to the top, evolving from the straight-ahead 1990s rock band Kara's Flowers into the sleek, soulful Maroon 5 with 2002's Songs About Jane, an ...

How did the Maroon communities survive?

How did the Maroons survive in the mountains? The other Maroon groups remained independent in the mountainous interior of Jamaica, surviving by subsistence farming and periodic raids of plantations. Over time, runaway slaves increased the Maroon population, which eventually came to control large areas of the Jamaican mountainous interior.

What is the meaning of the color maroon?

The term maroon has been named after the French word of chestnut. This color usually symbolizes the powerful and intense things, including creative thoughts, assurance, enthusiasm, supremacy, love, jeopardy, desire, determination, forte, bravery, attractiveness, and warmth. This shade can be seen during autumn when leaves change their colors.

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