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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the American Revolution lead to the market revolution?

The american revolution led to the United States separating from the United Kingdom. The UK invented many of their inventions because of their war with France in the Napoleonic wars. Meaning the American revolution which inspired the French people led the United Kingdom to invent the inventions that influenced the Market Revolution

What were the components of the market revolution?

Key Components of the Market Revolution – Transportation, Mechanization, and Commercial Farming Following the War of 1812, the country looked to expand into the western territories in order to take advantage of the economic opportunities there as new markets opened up.

How to write a thesis on the market revolution?

1pt: Thesis must create a historically defensible argument and it must be located in the first or last paragraph. The market revolution marked a turning point in worker’s lives as more people entered factory work and machines began to replace workers; however, slaves still worked in the southern fields.

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