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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marianos hacienda ranch in Dallas take reservations?

Viva Mexico (in Dallas)! Yo quiero Tex-Mex! People found Marianos Hacienda Ranch by searching for… Does Marianos Hacienda Ranch take reservations? Yes, you can make a reservation by picking a date, time, and party size. Does Marianos Hacienda Ranch have outdoor seating?

Is Mariano's Mexican restaurant worth it?

Meals were great and the vegetable sides were extraordinary for a Mexican restaurant. Was on the pricey side, but worth it in our opinion for a treat. Helpful? I've been coming to Mariano's since they were in Old Town off Caruth Haven. Yes, that's 45 years ago and more. This is a terrific restaurant.

Where to eat Mexican food in Dallas?

Mariano's Hacienda Dallas is a lively Mexican restaurant in Dallas. Stop by and experience our distinctive confections, experience our comfort food, or have a quick bite in a casual environment. Call or stop by to inquire about making reservations, catering options, or takeout.

Does Mariano’s serve frozen margaritas?

After a long days drive we found Mariano’s here on Trip Advisor. Short wait on a Friday night, but had frozen margaritas at the bar. (They served the first frozen margarita in 1971…see Smithsonian for article.)

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