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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mariano's still a good place to eat?

I have been dining at Mariano's since 1977 and have seen many personnel and management changes. That said, Mariano's is still the charming Hacienda with a wonderful friendly wait staff, same great food and excellent Margarita's. Sure, prices have changed since 1977 but the service,...

Where is Marinara from at Mariano's?

Mariano's meals feature an authentic family recipe for their marinara that comes all the way from the family's ancestral home in Calabria, Italy. Perfect. We'd love to have all of you.

Why choose Marino's pizza & pasta?

At Marino’s Pizza & Pasta we pride ourselves on creating sumptuous food that tells the story of our Italian heritage. When I immigrated to America at the tender age of 8, I never have thought I could take so many of you back to Italy with me. We invite you to dine with us & taste the love & history we put into all of our dishes.

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