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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Best Cupcakes in Los Angeles?

Dot's Cupcakes “Caution; You Will Get Hooked!” “Variety!” 17. Clifton's 18. Sprinkles Beverly Hills Cupcakes “... visiting Cali again so I can partake in these delicious cupcakes yum yummm!” “... whilst visiting Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills and it has amazing cupcakes .” 19. Erin McKenna’s Bakery “Yum!” 20. SusieCakes “Awesome!” 21. Sprinkles

Can you order a cake online for a party?

Simply order cakes online for a quick pick-up. Party time means the perfect party tray. Our bakery specializes in cookie trays that add a sweet touch to your get-together. It’s not a party unless someone brings a cake. Cupcakes count, too.

Where can I find the Best Cupcakes in Atlanta?

“Delicious cupcakes!” 7. Big Man Bakes 8. Milk 9. Big Sugar Bakeshop 10. Southern Girl Desserts “OMG!!!” “Best in the South, North, East AND...” 11. Dreamy Creations “I usually hate cake AND frosting, but I...” 12. Magnolia Bakery 13. Sprinkles The Grove “How did I not know about this place?” 14. Dots Cupcakes “Adorbs! Had to go in” “Yum!” 15.

Why choose our artisan breads and specialty cakes?

Our artisan breads deliver a taste of the world to your home. Crispy loaves of French bread pair perfect with delicious soups and salads. And our fresh Italian breads will go great with your family’s favorite pasta dishes. Whatever the occasion, specialty cakes add a special flavor.

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