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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Martino's bakery located in Burbank?

Martino's Bakery is located on N. Victory Boulevard and Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank. Right next to them is the 76 Gas Station. You can miss this huge, light blue colored building. Parking: They have their own parking lot (about eight regular spots and two handicapped spots).

How long has Magnolia Bakery been in business?

For more than 25 years, Magnolia Bakery has been making America’s favorite baked goods the old-fashioned way: from scratch, in small batches, and using the finest ingredients. Our assortment includes our fan-favorite cakes and cupcakes, world-famous banana pudding, and a host of other classic baked goods, seasonal treats, and more.

What kind of desserts does Magnolia Bakery have?

Sweeten your spread with our famous seasonal pies and other Magnolia Bakery family favorites. Don’t forget the banana pudding! New! Apple Crisp Pudding Our very first pudding made without bananas!

Where is the Best Bakery in Los Angeles for cakes?

Popular Inglewood bakery Sweet Red Peach turns out some of the finest homestyle cakes and sweets in Los Angeles. There are classics like red velvet cake and carrot cake, but also glorious banana custard cups and birthday cake-style slices. Be prepared to wait for these excellent confections. 14. La Tropezienne Bakery

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