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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mariano's Arlington a good restaurant?

Start your review of Mariano's Arlington . The tortillas are amazing! The service was great as well. Our server was very attentive and helpful. The food was delicious and served quickly. I am from Southern California but visiting Texas on business. I would definitely recommend this place.

What is the best Mexican restaurant in Arlington TX?

Best Mexican food ever! I've been visiting Mariano's in Arlington since 1979! Some of the wait staff in the bar have been working there close to 40 years. Food is consistently delicious. They offer 2 types of hot sauce, one with a definite smokey vibe. Margaritas are the best!...

What to eat at Gracias Mariano’s?

A michelada is a good choice as is a frozen margarita. I tried the enchiladas and enjoyed them. 6 of 7 guys enjoyed their food choices. I would certainly go back and this could be 5 star spot. Gracias Mariano's. One of the nicer and better but slightly pricer Tex mex restaurants.

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