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Frequently Asked Questions

Will NBC sign Maria Taylor?

NBC Sports is attempting to sign ESPN broadcaster Maria Taylor, according to Front Office Sports and the New York Post. Taylor's contract with ESPN expires on July 20, according to multiple reports. The New York Post reported that NBC wants to sign Taylor by July 23 to include her in the network's Olympic coverage.

What happened to Maria Taylor from ESPN?

By Phil Helsel Maria Taylor, a sports reporter who recently left ESPN after failing to reach a contract extension, is joining NBC Sports, the company announced Friday. Taylor's first assignment will be covering the Olympics, the network said. She was welcomed on air during NBC's Olympics coverage.

Is Taylor Taylor headed to NBC Sports?

Taylor — whose contract with ESPN expires during the NBA Finals— is reportedly nearing a dealwith NBC Sports, according to Front Office Sports and the New York Post. The Post's Andrew Marchand reported Wednesday night that NBC wants Taylor to join the network as soon as July 23, just in time for its Olympics coverage.

How much would Jonathan Taylor make on NBC Sports deal?

It's unclear how much money Taylor would make as part of the deal, but ESPN was reportedly offering Taylor $3 million to stay, so the NBC Sports figure would likely top that. From the Post: ESPN may have the right to match an NBC offer, so it is not clear if Taylor would need ESPN’s permission to work so quickly for NBC.

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