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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maria Taylor doing now?

Maria Taylor, a sports reporter who recently left ESPN after failing to reach a contract extension, is joining NBC Sports, the company announced Friday. Taylor's first assignment will be covering...

Are mariamaria Taylor and ESPN divorcing?

Maria Taylor and ESPN are divorcing — and she is headed to NBC and will cover the Olympics, The Post has learned.

What happened to Katie Taylor ESPN?

Taylor's first assignment will be covering the Olympics, the network said. She was welcomed on air during NBC's Olympics coverage. Taylor left ESPN this week after her contract expired and after she and the network were unable to reach an agreement on an extension, they said in a statement from the company on Wednesday.

Will mariamaria Taylor be part of Thursday Night Football in 2022?

Maria Taylor interviewing Sloane Stephens at the 2019 US Open. With NBC and Amazon planning on partnering on Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football,” when it begins in the fall of 2022, Taylor could be part of its exclusive broadcasts as a sideline reporter or a host.

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