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What is Maria Taylor's salary?

Here’s more from that piece: At one point in negotiations with NBA Finals host and College Football national championship sideline reporter Maria Taylor, ESPN offered her a raise from her current salary of nearly $1 million per year that would eventually reach almost $5 million, according to sources. Taylor turned it down.

What happened to mariamaria Taylor's ESPN contract negotiations?

Maria Taylor’s contract negotiations with ESPN have been a major topic over the last few weeks, and there is a new twist in the story. Front Office Sports’ Michael McCarthy reported Wednesday that Taylor was in negotiations with NBC Sports. He quoted a source saying that the deal was at the “half-yard line,” but that the talks could fall apart.

What happened to mariamaria Taylor?

Maria Taylor, who does sideline reporting for college football and studio hosting for the NBA, is currently in contract negotiations with ESPN, but this particular situation has had some interesting (and pretty public) twists and turns.

How much will Josh Taylor's contract cost ESPN?

Now, while they are in cost-cutting mode after a pandemic, Marchand says ESPN is offering Taylor a deal in the $2 million to $3 million dollar range.

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