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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Maria Menounos mean?

The name Maria Menounos represents different things for different people. Maria is a sexy package of multitude talents. From professional wrestling to acting and from journalism to television, she has a very interesting career profile. Her easy charm and sex appeal are great assets when she is always in the limelight.

Who is Menounos in WWE?

Menounos is a long-time WWE fan and has made several appearances with the promotion. Menounos’ first appearance came on October 12, 2009, when Menounos joined Nancy O’Dell in guest hosting WWE Raw.

What is Maria Menounos's part time job?

Maria’s part time job as a WWE fan and Diva. Menounos was actually nominated in the first place by McMahon’s father and chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. She has also hosted the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet pre-show for two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015. She also appeared during the event as a guest backstage interviewer for WrestleMania 31.

Is Maria Menounos pregnant with multiples?

Maria Menounos is a soon-to-be mom of multiples! The television personality, 42, and her husband Keven Undergaro are currently expecting their first children together, she recently hinted at on her Better Together show.

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