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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cities in British Columbia?

List of cities in British Columbia. British Columbia has 52 cities that had a cumulative population of 3,132,909 and an average population of 60,248 in the 2011 Census. British Columbia's largest and smallest cities are Vancouver and Greenwood with populations of 603,502 and 708 respectively.

What are the landforms of British Columbia?

Mountains and mountain ranges. The landforms of British Columbia include two major continental landforms, the Interior Plains in the province's northeast, the British Columbia portion of which is part of the Alberta Plateau.

What is the geography of British Columbia?

Geography of British Columbia. Formerly part of the British Empire, the southern border of British Columbia was established by the 1846 Oregon Treaty. The province is dominated by mountain ranges, among them the Canadian Rockies but dominantly the Coast Mountains, Cassiar Mountains, and the Columbia Mountains.

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