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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have bossing mule side characters in Maplestory?

Other mechanics of MapleStory like weekly boss resets also encourage players to have bossing mule side characters. This article is designed for both normal and Reboot servers given there are currently no server restricted classes (historically Zero was limited to non-Reboot).

Should I play normal or reboot servers?

General consensus is if you’re willing to dish out some $$$$, play normal servers as progression is much faster if you have money but if you aren’t willing to spend $$$$ then go reboot, where the progression isn’t as slow as long as you’re willing to get carried through some bosses. What class should I play? Play whatever looks fun to you.

What is the best unfunded class in Maplestory?

This may be an important rating if you are looking for the best unfunded class in MapleStory. Pre-Level 200: This is a general rating of the characters ability to reach level 200 to help you determine the effort involved to reach the mid game or for the purposes of training Links and Legion characters.

What is the difference between a meso and a monster in reboot?

Monsters in reboot have a higher exp and HP multiplier. There is a bigger penalty for being underleveled (5% final damage loss per level under the monster). Mesos drop at a 6x higher rate in meso. Jett link skill configuration items: – condensed supernova dust, stellar cosmic dust solidifier and cosmic dust shifter.

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