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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before getting into MapleStory?

This guide is for beginners but may also contain information that advanced players might not know so, give it a look through! If you’re a beginner in MapleStory the most important things to know are, How To Travel, Links, Legion, Gear Progression, and Meso Farming. Before you get into MapleStory there are some things you need to know.

What is the MapleStory training guide?

Whether you’re on Reboot, Normal (regular) servers, an experienced MapleStory player or a beginner this guide is an invaluable reference to your account progression as you learn where to train in MapleStory. This MapleStory training guide is applicable for your main character or training mules for Link Skills and Legion.

Should the 2022 MapleStory leveling guide be a Lost Ark?

The 2022 leveling guide should be a Lost Ark leveling guide since Maplestory is completely unplayable. Funny that I found this comment 3 months later. I'm currently playing Lost Ark and noticing a bunch of Maplers playing.

Is MapleStory a good game?

MapleStory should be seen as a long term marathon type of game other than a quick sprint game like League of Legends. There are a ton of Events all the time that will help you level insanely fast (Tera Burning) and help you gain more range. (Starforce and Double Miracle Time events)

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