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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get gear faster in Maplestory Reboot?

Boss carries are a common solution in MapleStory Reboot to getting gear faster. If you join a popular guild, you may have the opportunity to get carried for some of the hardest bosses in the game, allowing you to gear up relatively quickly.

Can you go to the recommended level in Maplestory?

You can only go to the recommended level if you have more than one character in your account, providing link skills and legion buffs. Similarly, if you are playing on the regular server and have multiple buffs and strong leveling items then you can go to the training spots a few levels before. Finding maps in Maplestory is straightforward.

Will Sengoku high events return to MapleStory?

However, sengoku high events are unlikely to return to MapleStory in the forseeable future, as evidenced by their sudden dissappearence since 2018. A rare drop from the Black Mage, it is the strongest badge obtainable in the game. Androids need to be of higher rank than the hearts they have equipped.

How do I get the Maple explorer questline?

The Maple Explorer Questline can be started from the lightbulb quest: The Explorer Book and A Maple Leaf at level 10. For other classes, you usally just have a quest to complete from the lightbulb icon that requires you to just press yes. It's given as a gift and very easy to obtain.

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