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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reroll potential stats in Maplestory?

When you get a piece of equipment in MapleStory, it's very likely it won't contain the potential lines you desire and the rank of the potential may be too low. To Reroll the potential stats and have a chance of ranking up the potential tier, you can use MapleStory Cubes.

What is a reboot server in Maplestory?

Reboot is a server where Nexon has removed most pay to win elements of the game, that is items usually purchased with NX (Nexon Cash/Premium Currency) on normal servers are purchasable with mesos on Reboot. Also, things such as Marvel Machine are not available on reboot.

How do you upgrade potentials on reboot?

They can be added to equips using potential scrolls, and changed using cubes. 4 different tiers exist on Reboot: Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary. (Bonus potential, white+violet and occult bonus potential cubes not available on Reboot currently). The potential tier can be upgraded through using cubes.

Will Sengoku high events return to MapleStory?

However, sengoku high events are unlikely to return to MapleStory in the forseeable future, as evidenced by their sudden dissappearence since 2018. A rare drop from the Black Mage, it is the strongest badge obtainable in the game. Androids need to be of higher rank than the hearts they have equipped.

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