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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best MapleStory leveling guide in 2021?

The Best MapleStory Leveling Guide in 2021 (Level 1-203) 1 1. General Tips and Guide Formatting. ... 2 2. The Tutorial Levels 1 to 10. ... 3 First Job Advancement Levels 10 to 30. ... 4 Second Job Advancement Levels 30 to 60. ... 5 Third Job Advancement Levels 60 to 100 6 Fourth Job Advancement Levels 100 to 140 7 Hyper Stage Levels 140 to 200. ...

How to find maps in Maplestory?

Finding maps in Maplestory is a very simple task. If you are having trouble finding any map in the game, you can just open it by pressing W and look for the desired map in the search bar located at the top and then double click on the map. Not all maps can be discovered by using this method.

What is the daily limit for traits in Maplestory?

The values below applies to all traits. There is a daily limit of 5,000 EXP for Charm and 500 EXP for other traits. Certain methods will ignore the limit and increase trait EXP unconditionally. For more details on traits, see MapleStory/Traits. Level.

What is the MapleStory gaming YouTube channel?

The MapleStory gaming YouTube channel! Here you can mainly find training guides, meso, reboot and other guides for your viewing pleasure! We also do pre big bang nostalgic videos and play other MMORPGs as well on both android mobile and pc.

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