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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MapleStory The Girl of Destiny 3DS?

MapleStory: The Girl of Destiny 3DS game also known as MapleStory: Unmei no Shoujo in (JPN) is a side-scrolling Role Playing game Developed and Published by Nexon. Download MapleStory: The Girl of Destiny (English Patched) 3DS CIA

What is MapleStory 3DS?

Maplestory 3DS is similar to it's PC MMO counterpart but is unique because it has a full story-line focused on an original main character named Mugi. The game features advanced mechanics like environment pieces you can use to help solve puzzles or even as weapons to defeat your foes (things like rolling boulders, lightning storm clouds, etc.).

What's the latest version of MapleStory?

Please update to the latest version before reporting any bugs/crashes. Latest version says v1.03 during the game's boot. Hey Everyone! It's out now! We have worked hard to translate this game for the fans of the Maplestory series to enjoy.

How do I install MapleStory on my sd card?

Find MapleStory on the list, select "Backup save data and delete software". Select (or replace) a backup slot then wait until the game is deleted. Copy the patched 1.02 .cia (available at the official thread on that iso website) to the SD. Open FBI, install it, then go back to the Home menu.

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