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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control my fan speed?

Select "Manual fan control" to use a slider bar to adjust the fan's speed. Select "Automatic temperature control" to define a fan speed policy based on the temperature of the computer. Choose "Force fans to high speed" to run the fan at maximum speed.

How to change the fan speed in Windows 10?

How to Change Fan Speed on Windows SpeedFan. SpeedFan comes on the top of the list as it is an extremely powerful tool. This fan controller program... Open Hardware Monitor. This is another powerful software to change fan speed Windows 10. It is a free open source... NoteBook FanControl. NoteBook FanControl software offers users the ability to control the computer's fan speed. It is... HW Monitor. This is a free fan speeds monitor program for Windows. The HW Monitor has trusted hardware... See More....

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