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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an eVisa for Malaysia?

Apply For an eVisa For Malaysia Mobile Menu Will Come Here. Visa Fees Home Visa Fees Visa Fees eVisa Processing Time 2-3 Working Days Multiple / Single Entry Visa Validity 3 Months Stay Up To 30 Days All Eligible Countries Apply Now eNTRI Processing Time 2 Working Days Single Entry Visa Validity 3 Months Stay Up To 15 Days

How much is the Malaysia visa fee?

The Malaysia visa fee, both for a Single Entry or Multiple Entry Visa and a Transit Visa, is RM 20 (Malaysian Ringgit) for all countries, other than the countries listed below. When converted, RM 20 is about $4.7 or €4.25. The Malaysia visa fees are different for the following countries: How to pay the Malaysia visa fee?

What is the difference between visa fee and eVisa processing fee?

"Visa fee" refers to the visa fees payable to the High Commission/Consulates, which will be accepted and collected by the VisaMalaysia at the rate prescribed by the Fees (Passport and Visas) Order 1967. "eVISA Processing fee" refers to the processing fee charged for visa processing system to process.

What is eVisa and how to apply?

What is eVISA? eVISA is an online application platform that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia at the comfort of their convenience. Who is eligible for eVISA?

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