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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a magnetometer and how does it work?

A magnetometer is a tool or instrument that measures the magnetization of an item or the force of a magnet. The magnetometer typically looks at the Earth's magnetic field and local magnetic field in order to determine the location and vector of a magnetic force.

What are magnetometers used for?

Magnetometers are used in geophysical surveys to find deposits of iron because they can measure the magnetic field variations caused by the deposits, airplanes like the Shrike Commander has been used [1]. Magnetometers are also used to detect archaeological sites, shipwrecks and other buried or submerged objects.

What is a fluxgate magnetometer?

A fluxgate magnetometer is a type of scientific instrument used to detect variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Fluxgate magnetometers play an important role in detecting underground or underwater objects.

What is a gauss meter?

The Gauss meter works by reading a current that is induced by a magnetic field that is radiated through a coil of thin wires which is inside device. The circuitry inside the Gauss meter amplifies the induced current, thus enabling it to measure as low as 0.1 mg.

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