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Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnetometer and how does it work?

A magnetometer or magnetic sensor is an instrument that measures magnetism—either the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or the direction, strength, or relative change of a magnetic field at a particular location.

What is a magnetometer sensor in a mobile?

The Magnetometer is what acts as the compass in our Smartphone. This sensor detects magnetic field and can easily determine the direction of the North Pole. It can also detect metal. Therefore the Magnetometer is used in Maps, Compass, Navigation Apps and Metal detector apps.

What is the use of magnetometer sensor?

What is Magnetometer sensor? It measures magnetic field and used with other components to make magnetometer instrument. It measures magnetic flux density (B) in units of Tesla or Wb/m 2 or kg/ (A * s 2 ). Magnetometers are used to detect fluctuations in the magnetic field of the earth. It is classified into two types viz. ... More items...

What is the used of magnetometer?

Magnetometer applications It is used as navigational tool. It is used in space for magnetic field measurements. It is used in mineral exploration such as iron, copper, silver, gold etc. It is used in defence systems such as drones (i.e. UAVs), submarines etc. It is used in anti-lock bracking. It is used in smartphones as compass for direction finding.

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