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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maglite flashlights guaranteed for life?

MagLite® for Life. Every Maglite® flashlight we sell is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If you ever have an issue with one of our flashlights, we’re ready to help with our warranty service center, customer support and online resources.

What are the features of the MAG Charger flashlight?

CLASSIC SIMPLICITY Twist the head to turn on, turn off, and focus., MODERN POWER Next-generation LED for a whole new level of brightness. Matte anodized finish. Individually serial numbered., The pair of bands encircling the barrel of the Mag Charger flashlight is a trademark of Mag Instrument.

What is Maglite's return policy?

Mag Instrument, Inc. offers a 14-day money back guarantee on any product purchased on Simply return the packing slip along with the unused item in its original package for a full refund, excluding any shipping charges you incurred when purchasing or returning the product. Your return will be processed promptly.

What happens if you put a 2 cell light in Mag-Lite?

For instance, if you have a 4-Cell Mag-Lite® flashlight and you put a 2-Cell or 3-Cell lamp inside, it will burn out very rapidly because the 4-Cell flashlight runs at a higher voltage than the lamp of a 2 or 3-Cell flashlight was designed to handle.

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