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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mag-lites (R) Worth It?

Although Mag-Lite (R) is one of the most respected brands of flashlight, these flashlights sometimes need to be repaired. Since Mag-Lites (R) have survived being lost at the bottom of a lake or being run over by an 18-wheeler, there isn't much that can go wrong though.

What is the warranty on a MAG-LITE D cell flashlight?

Each Mag-Lite D-Cell flashlight includes two high intensity Xenon Lamps for enhanced brilliance and extended range. TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Mag Instrument, Inc. warrants to the original owner that this flashlight is free from defects in parts and workmanship for ten years from the date of first retail purchase.

What kind of batteries does the Maglite ml300l 4D take?

All it takes is 4 D-Cell batteries. Maglite's patented LED Heat-Sink Technology is what allows this beast to perform the way it does. No worries about overheating. And years from now, when other flashlights stop working, all you have to do is pop new batteries in and the ML300L 4D will continue to perform for you.

What is the return policy for Maglite products?

Available in a 2 pack or a cost savings bulk 20 pack. Mag Instrument, Inc. offers a 14-day money back guarantee on any product purchased on Simply return the packing slip along with the unused item in its original package for a full refund, excluding any shipping charges you incurred when purchasing or returning the product.

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