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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Massachusetts auto surcharge and how the system works?

Massachusetts Auto Surcharge and how the system works??? The Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) encourages safe driving by providing incentives to drivers with clean driving records and ensuring that drivers who collect surcharge points pay more for auto insurance. If your insurer uses the SDIP, you have an Operator SDIP Rating.

How long do surcharges last in Massachusetts for auto insurance?

Most auto insurance carriers in Massachusetts abide by the 6-year surcharge model, but there are some companies that only surcharge for accidents/violations that have occurred in the last 3 years.

What is a surcharge for a car accident?

The accident involves a claim payment of more than $1000, in excess of any deductible. The claim payment is for damage to someone else's property, collision, or limited collision coverages for a vehicle - refer to the Safe Driver Insurance Plan. Bodily injury to others liability claims may be subject to surcharge.

What is the Massachusetts auto insurance plan?

The Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan is an insurance plan for drivers who are unable to find coverage on their own. Policies written by insurers who use the SDIP as their merit rating plan. A merit rating plan is used by an insurer to adjust auto insurance premium based on the operator's driving record.

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