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Frequently Asked Questions

What is light rail transit system (LRT)?

What is Light Rail Transit System (LRT)? Light rail Transit is electrical power-driven passenger carts with steel wheels that are propelled along the track made with steel rails. The propulsion power is drawn from an overhead distribution wire by means of a pantograph.

What is a derivative of LRT?

A derivative of LRT is light rail rapid transit (LRRT), also referred to as Light Metro. Such railways are characterized by exclusive rights of way, advanced train control systems, short headway capability, and floor level boarding.

How does LRT work?

Sometimes, LRT systems use abandoned railroad rights-of-way, underground tunnels, or even drainage canals to avoid roadway traffic and adjust to the physical environment. If separated crossings are not provided, transit signal priority is given to LRT to minimize delay and waiting times at intersections.

What is the difference between LRT and heavy rail?

Like heavy rail, LRT serves widely spaced stops to cover long distances and ensure higher speeds. However, LRT may make more frequent stops similar to streetcars in downtown areas to provide more access to passengers. LRT can complement heavy rail and commuter rail systems in large cities, or it can operate as an independent system.

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