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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is a 2x6?

A: Hi Kelly. Fyi. A 2 x 6 is actually 5.5 x 1.5”. I noticed that you started that you wanted it by 2” thick. Again, It will not be 2” thick. Yes, “I” could cut it for you, but I have no idea where you live.

What is dimension lumber?

Dimensional lumber has a wide range of uses from building homes to do-it-yourself projects. This lumber comes in two nominal widths; 4 in. and 6 in. and various lengths from 8 ft. up to 20 ft. in 2 ft. increments and in comes in stud lengths measuring 92-5/8 in. and 104-5/8 in.

What is tight grain lumber?

Tight grain lumber with small knots that is resistant to cupping, twisting, and bowing High quality lumber from the Inland Northwest region in North America Return your new, unused item in-store or ship it back to us free of charge. Read our Returns Policy for more information

What is high quality lumber used for?

This high quality lumber is ideal for a wide range of structural and nonstructural applications including framing of houses, barns, sheds, and commercial construction. Perfect for projects that require structural dimensional lumber that meets building codes.

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