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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to park at BWI Airport?

The Hourly Parking Garage is the closest parking available to BWI terminals and is the best option for dropping off and picking up passengers. The Daily Garage is located farther away from the terminals at Terminal Rd and Scott Dr, and a free shuttle is offered for transport. What are the rates for BWI short-term parking?

What is short term parking?

Short Term parking is intended for stays of three hours or less and is conveniently located just outside Terminal 1 in the covered parking garage on Level 2M. Height Clearance: 7' 0". Short Term Parking is also available on Level 1 near Passenger Pick-Up in case you need to wait a few minutes before your party arrives.

What is short term parking at airports?

Short term airport parking. The kind of airport parking which is done in the case when you need to park your vehicle at an airport parking lot for less than 7 days is known as short term airport parking.

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