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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are loggerhead sea turtles endangered?

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is also endangered because of loss of habitat space. Obviously, our oceans are not getting any smaller, but the beaches in which the female Loggerheads lay their eggs are. More and more nesting sites are becoming unsuitable because of pollution, construction, and new predators.

How big do loggerhead turtles grow?

In the Atlantic, the loggerhead turtle’s range extends from Newfoundland to Argentina. How big do loggerhead turtles usually grow and how much do they usually weigh? Size: Typically 2.5 to 3.5 feet in carapace length (80 to 110 cm). Weight: Adult weigh between 155 and 375 pounds (70 to 170 kg).

Where do loggerhead turtles migrate?

In the Atlantic, they go from Caribbean beaches up the US East Coast to Canada. In the Pacific, many go from Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia) to California and then up to Alaskan waters. Loggerheads born in Japan migrate almost 8,000 miles to the rich waters off Baja California, Mexico to feed and mature.

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