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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to visit Hawaii?

Kailua Bay, Oahu. Kailua Bay is definitely one of the nicest places you can visit in Hawaii for the day since the bay is truly stunning and it's a fantastic place to enjoy fun water activities such as swimming, body surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

What regions is located in Hawaii?

The island of Hawaii, known as "The Big Island," is separated into 6 main regions: Hamakua Coast, Hilo, Kau, Kona, Kohala and Puna . Explore each region and plan your ideal trip to the island of Hawaii. Take a memorable drive from Hilo to the Waipio Valley Lookout to see scenic overlooks, waterfalls, botanical gardens and small towns.

Are there Costco store in Hawaii?

Below is a list of Costco mall/outlet store locations in Hawaii, with address, store hours and phone numbers. Costco has 14 mall stores across the United States, with 0 locations in Hawaii . Since there are no Costco stores in malls in Hawaii, we suggest you review the list of similar stores below, which includes other Department stores in Hawaii.

What is the closest ocean to Hawaii?

Kure Atolls and Midway have volcanic areas that go back as far as 28 million years. • Hawaii has the most secluded chunks of land anywhere on earth. The islands are tucked away into the midst of the North Pacific Ocean, with the closest land mass being California at almost 2,400 miles away.

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