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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your location on Bing?

Select “Allow apps to use my location” from the result and then enable the Allow apps to use my location feature. * Open the bing map app, swipe from the bottom up for opening the options. Choose change location from the bar and Type in your location (name of city or town) and select it for Home location.

How do you change your location settings?

1. Go to the Control Panel. 2. If you’re in the standard view, open Clock, Language, and Region and then click Region then click on change date, time or number formats. 3. In Region change the following settings: • Go to Formats tab and set format as your requirements. • Go to Location tab and set as your requirements.

How do I Change my Bing search settings?

Change Bing Safe Search Settings. To change the options, you can change the country. Click on the country in the top right corner and select “United States – English”, or you can directly select US as your country.

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