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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first signs of a bad gallbladder?

Symptoms of gallbladder problems include: Pain in the mid- or upper-right section of the abdomen: Most of the time, gallbladder pain comes and goes. Nausea or vomiting: Any gallbladder problem may cause nausea or vomiting. Fever or shaking chill: This signals an infection in the body.

Where does gallbladder pain present?

Most gallbladder symptoms start with pain in the upper abdominal area, either in the upper right or middle. Specific symptoms may vary according to what type of gallbladder condition you have, although many symptoms are common among the various types of gallbladder problems.

Where is gallbladder pain felt?

Pain from inflammation of the gallbladder is felt under the lower ribs in the upper portion of the abdomen. It can also be felt under directly under the breastbone. gallbladder Pain can also travel to the lower portions of the chest and can be felt in the right shoulder area or even near the right portion of the neck.

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