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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GEICO a good car insurance company?

Yes , Geico is good auto insurance and one of the largest car insurers in the US. Geico holds more than 14% of the market, and it's owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. The company has a Superior A++ A.M. Best rating and writes around 30 million policies each year. Some of the main features are excellent online tools and competitive prices.

Does GEICO have the cheapest auto insurance?

Generally, Geico has the cheapest car insurance among significant national insurance. However, other auto insurers such as Progressive, Esurance, and USAA offer auto insurance below what Geico offers. Therefore, Geico has the cheapest auto insurance, but in most instances, Progressive, USA, and Esurance provide lower prices.

Is GEICO really cheaper than other insurance companies?

This is a good way to keep car insurance companies honest in their business practices. Just like there are some people that claim Allstate is cheaper than GEICO, there are others still who claim GEICO is cheaper than Allstate.

What companies are affiliated with GEICO?

GEICO is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. These companies are also Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries: Acme Brick Company. Applied Underwriters, Inc. Ben Bridge Jeweler. Benjamin Moore & Co. Berkshire Hathaway Automotive.

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