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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a successful mentoring program?

• Create successful training for the program. Express your expectations clearly to the mentors, and be sure to provide these expectations in written form as well. • Focus on overall success for students, not remediation.

How to launch a mentoring program?

How to start a mentoring program. Organizing your mentorship program carefully from the beginning will give everyone clear expectations and guidelines, improving overall satisfaction with the experience. Here are five key steps for building a mentorship program in your workplace. Define the program’s goal. Outline the mentoring process in the workplace. Select program participants

How to build a successful employee mentoring program?

● Be thoughtful with mentoring pairings. A key element of any successful employee mentoring program is the pairing process. Implement a process to ensure this is done thoughtfully and that pairings are best suited to each employee’s skill sets and experience.

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