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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Linux commands?

cat (short for concatenate) is one of the most frequently used commands in Linux. It is used to list the contents of a file on the standard output (sdout). To run this command, type cat followed by the file’s name and its extension. For instance: cat file.txt.

What are the basic commands in Linux?

ls (List Files and Directories) is one of the basic commands that any Linux user should know. It lists the content of a directory such as files and folders. Running ls without parameter will list the content of the current directory.

How to automate some Linux commands?

Using Shell Scripting to Automate Linux System Maintenance Tasks – Part 4Writing a script to display system information. And open a new text file named with your preferred text editor. ...Automating Tasks. The tasks that you may need to automate may vary from case to case. ...Using Cron. To take efficiency one step further, you will not want to sit in front of your computer and run those scripts manually.Summary. ...

Can I learn DevOps without any knowledge in Linux?

Yes, you can learn DevOps without having Linux knowledge. Linux is not a compulsory requirement to become a DevOps engineer.

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