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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Houston's liquidation warehouse changing up its business model?

We've told you about several liquidation warehouses in Houston, but one of the businesses is changing up its business model. HOUSTON – We are helping you find name brand, brand new products on deep discount. Liquidation stores sell overstock or return items from big box stores.

What are the best liquidation stores in Texas?

Address: 3447 Dalworth St, Arlington, TX 76011, United States The container store is also one of the most popular liquidation stores in Texas. This is because they are the leading brand in terms of containers and anything related to the organization. Their containers come in different shapes and sizes to fit the structure you need them for.

What is a liquidation store?

In this context, the liquidation stores act as the buyer for businesses that have a surplus or do not wish to sell their products anymore. Since these products are bought by these liquidation stores at a very cheap price, you get to buy these products from them cheaper than the retail price. This is the basic idea of a liquidation store.

Where is international liquidation located?

8685 Scranton St. Houston, Texas 77075 713-910-5414 International Liquidation, Inc(per Google Maps – 22 minutes from Al) 2251 Piccadilly Dr., Building C330 Round Rock, Texas 78664 512-990-9950 The Liquidation Location(per Google Maps – 3.24 hours from Al) 200 Hughes Rd. Dickerson, Texas 77539 713-336-3600

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