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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order of liquidation?

an order determining any question arising in the external administration; an order that a person cease to be appointed as the liquidator and that another registered liquidator be appointed; orders in relation to remuneration. Making an application to court can be costly.

What is liquidation value of a business?

Liquidation similarly refers to the process of bringing a business to an end and distributing its assets ... that is automatically verified through blockchain technology, and value storage through NFT. This means that; operators execute loans with one ...

What is liquidation process?

Liquidation is the process of turning assets into cash. While any asset or investment can be liquidated, this type of sale often refers to the process of disposing of all assets of a company that has filed for bankruptcy — a legal process in which the company declares it can’t pay its debts and works to settle with its creditors.

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