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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a file in Linux?

How Do I Find A File In Linux Terminal? You can use your favorite terminal app. Use the following command to find /path/to/folder/ -iname *file_name_portion in your search. You can find only files or folders if you have the options -type f for documents and -type d for directories.

How to install 'locate command' to find files in Linux?

mlocate package which provides the locate and updatedb commands to find files in Linux systems. To install it use the following commands: For Ubuntu And Debian: sudo apt install mlocate. For CentOS and Fedora sudo yum install mlocate. During the installation of the mlocate package, a “cron job” is created that runs updatedb command every 24 hours.

How to find the latest file on Unix or Linux?

How To Find Latest Files In Linux? This function finds all files in the directory by following /dir/path -type f. Shell pipes (such as the one on Pipelines section about man overboard) are available. The sort -n syntax defines a numerical sorting solution rather than a lexicographic definition.

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