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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by linking?

Of or relating to something that connects other things together. Verb form of the word link. The bridge was linking to the two cities together and the residents were so grateful x

What is the definition of linking?

Definition of linking verb : a word or expression (such as a form of be, become, feel, or seem) that links a subject with its predicate : an intransitive verb that connects a subject with a word or words in the predicate The words “look” in “you look tired” and “are” in “my favorite fruits are apples and oranges” are linking verbs.

What is another word for linking?

Another word for link. noun. That which unites or binds: bond, knot, ligament, ligature, nexus, tie, vinculum, yoke. See connect. A logical or natural association between two or more things: connection, correlation, interconnection, interdependence, interrelationship, linkage, relation, relationship, tie-in.

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