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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Linkedin offer free training?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Learning is not free, but there is a silver lining as they do offer a free trial of the service. This is still a great opportunity for those that are looking to upskill and experiment with the service. How To Claim The Free Trial?

Does LinkedIn Learning really help?

The site ( LinkedIn Learning) itself is a subsidiary to LinkedIn. The “ learning ” version of the site is designed to help people learn useful and even essential skills that would help them do better in building their career paths in the current job market.

Does LinkedIn Learning offer certification training?

Upon completion of a course, a certificate is automatically generated that can be viewed online and shared. LinkedIn Learning also offers on-demand courses to help individuals prepare for professional certification exams and earn continuing education units (CEUs).

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Learning courses?

LinkedIn Learning is a great way to familiarize yourself with areas previously alien to you- and have something to show for it when you apply for jobs. LinkedIn integration: You can add completed training courses to your LinkedIn profile, meaning that a good profile (with academic achievements, work experience and extra-curricular bits) can ...

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